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Megan Elise: KICKSTARTER Campaign to SUPPORT + SHARE



PROOF Music takes us back in time when TALENT was the only criteria for career success.

PROOF Music is a new modern-day record label that discovers, grooms, and launches music careers, bringing talented new artists to the people.

Working with songwriters, musicians, and mentors, PROOF's team of legendary music industry veterans will hone their sound, write, produce, and take their music to the next level. 

The all-time greats from music history started just this way. With a solid support team, musicians were able to create new and innovative sounds that influenced and changed generations.

We hope to reinvigorate a dormant music industry by empowering the HUMAN element in, as of yet, undiscovered artists. 

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Help megan elise finish her debut album

PROOF’s first artist debut! Megan Elise and our legendary producer, John Custer have finished their first EP album Sucker Punch. Look out for us on all musical platforms!



OUR MISSION?  Find the unknown, unseen, unheard talents and support them to find their TRUE voice, the one that will touch the hearts of the next generation. We work with songwriters, musicians, industry professionals, and investors to produce an ORIGINAL sound that may spark a new revolution in music. We (with our supporters help) select their BEST SONGS to LAUNCH a LOUD + ORGANIZED campaign so they will FIND their music-loving public.

SUPPORT the music of TOMORROW  


BIG something: produced by John Custer

If you think that the BEST MUSIC happened a generation (or three) ago, we need your support.  Your feedback, your knowledge, your opinion, and, yes, your CASH. Scroll down to "GET ON OUR RADAR" to keep up with what we're doing. Or, better yet, BE A PART of the future of music by becoming a supporter today. Hit the SUPPORT PROOF link so we can find more, nurture more, and BIRTH more TALENT.

This is a place where EVERYONE WINS. 

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