Be a part of the next generation of music and help spark a new REVOLUTION. PROOF Music is a modern-day record label that discovers, grooms, produces + launches music careers for the unheard, unseen, unknown artists who populate church choirs, sing at open mic nights, or think "THEIR TIME" has come and gone.

We are PROOF Music and this is our vision.


Right now, somewhere in America....

A woman sings with such emotion and conviction that her small Southern parish is in tears.

A guitarist writes a song for his girlfriend and as she listens her heart breaks.

And a brave young band tries a new song with a new sound that sends chills through their audience in the club.

We remember a time when music had the power to change us.

Today, we're sold mostly pre-fab celebrities and auto-tuned retreads of last year’s hits.

No tears, no broken hearts, no chills. Just product.

But we aren't buying it.

Will the music industry ever fulfill its promise to help musicians develop their raw talent?

Can the music business ever see beyond the bottom line?

We can and we will. PROOF Music is a new kind of record label that is on a mission is to find the unknown, unseen, and unheard talents of tomorrow. Together we'll spark a new revolution in music.

If you love music, you can be part of it's future.


Let's bring real music from the hearts of musicians into headphones around the globe.