The Kingmakers

Proof Music is founded by Grammy Award-nominated record producer John Custer and veteran entrepreneur and creative strategist, Rebecca Antonelli. Along with their investors, supporters and musicians, they have made it their mission to cultivate the future rainmakers of music. 

PROOF is passionate about helping artists make REAL music. Make REAL money. And build a REAL future.

"We invest in PEOPLE. Magic happens when you match one talented musician with the support of magnificently obsessed KINGMAKERS who are able to find + nurture the artist’s AUTHENTIC voice to build a life-changing CAREER in the industry they love."


"The world is not changed by what you THINK. The world is changed by what you DO."   ~Rebecca Antonelli

John Custer loves his hats


Grammy nominated + GOLD RECORD producer, songwriter, musician and guitar prodigy was, at age 25, an A+R rep with a major record label given the task of finding, developing and producing original artists. He describes that time in his life as his most rewarding and life-changing. “Seeing beneath the surface of an artist to who they really are, finding the most IMPACTFUL parts of their 'self' - their music, their style, their VOICE and watching them grow into a true artist... THAT is my super power.”

This multi award-winning producer is launching PROOF Music to FIND and FOSTER new and great talent to launch and build an artist's career. As a music mentor, he combines the best of major and independent labels - money + contacts with autonomy + direction. His mission is to discover, nurture and produce the next artists who will become part of the next generation of music.

Custer is well-known for his ability to find an artist's authentic voice and produce songs and sounds that mean something, are sustainable and will unveil their highest purpose, widest audience and grandest impact.

PROOF Music wants to take us back in time when TALENT was the only criteria for career success. This enterprise was built on HISTORIC REFERENCES - to reinvent the beginnings of how truly GREAT musicians including Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Bob Marley were discovered and how they found their unique voice, creating new and innovative sounds that influenced and changed generations. 


rebecca antonelli loves her champagne


We're pretty sure Antonelli was the first person who could spell "entrepreneur" at the age of twelve. As long as she can remember, she's had a huge passion for creating new products, services and groundbreaking businesses and bringing them to market.

From founding, funding and selling the FIRST INTERNET BASED public relations company to helping a dry wall installer bring his BBQ sauce to market, partnering with RADIO ICONS and developing partnerships that sell millions of jars a year – Antonelli has a solid reputation for developing creative and unconventional marketing + promotions that build people, careers, and companies.

At last count, Antonelli was on the launch team of 34 start-ups and has started, ran and sold five of her own enterprises. PROOF Music is evidence of this rule-breaking entrepreneur’s fearless personality, inimitable vision, and keen eye for solid investments.

She joins the PROOF team as its president, marketer and promotional specialist, to support the vision of John Custer, her friend since 9th grade and "the best person I know on this earth."

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